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Black bear season will be here soon

I just got home from the mountains hunting and now I’m back here in Estill County. I haven’t even showered yet, because our Struttin’ Time column is late getting to The Mountain Eagle.

It is a beautiful day to be outside, a day that God has given us to enjoy. I am going to be very honest with you: I miss Letcher County, my dear friends, the cups of coffee, and my friends who have allowed me to hunt on their property for more years than I can count. I can never repay you for the friendship you have shown to me since the 1970’s.

I will remember in my mind all the past hunts and hope we live for more. By the way, I never saw anything today, but that is why it is called hunting.

I got a message this week that brought a smile to my face. One of our Struttin’ Time readers from Pennsylvania asked me when was I going to write a book about our hunts. My reply to him was I thought I already did. With the many years we have traveled together through Struttin’ Time, it is probably a pretty long book.

What I like about Struttin’ Time is that you are there with me front and center.

Black bear season is coming in soon. Please don’t cheat; the Department of Fish and Wildlife is going overboard trying to catch hunters that do. It was told to me after black bear season last year that the Department of Fish and Wildlife was making hunters take the harvest to the gut pile to check for anything you may have fed them. I never verified this story, but was told by several hunters it was true. Just don’t take any chances. Hunt legally, please. If the black bear has been into a bait pile there is no way for you to know unless you put it there, so don’t do it.

Next week we will talk more about black bear hunting.

Remember Letcher County and a few others are in their own zone this year. Black bear season will start here October 24. Catch up with you next week on that season.

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