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Struttin’ Time

Coon hunting has changed greatly

As a kid who grew up in McRoberts, most of my favorite childhood memories are centered around hunting and fishing.

We hunted the hills all around McRoberts, from Mr. James Thomas’s holler to the head of 15 Hollow that joined the top of the hill behind our house. I remember well taking to the woods after dark, with a carbide miner’s lamp, and hunting raccoons.

We would also travel to Powell County every so often, but the result would always be the same — we could hunt a month and tree just one raccoon. These little pesky fellows have made a giant comeback.

My friends Tyler Lucas and Derek Cook can attest to that. They are hunting every night they can and being productive. They have quality dogs, which I don’t remember having. Their choice of dog is a Redbone Coonhound named Hustler, who is a “Grand Nite Champion.” Hustler is five years old and is in his prime for hunting.

Tyler and Derek have hunted Thornton and other parts of Letcher County and some places in Knott County. Where it took us a month to tree one raccoon, they have treed three in one night of hunting.

Although we never gave up on raccoon hunting, I would be lying to say we never thought about it. The way things are going with Tyler and Derek they should be getting a full head of steam about mid-season. I have several more raccoon hunting stories to share, so we will be writing about them in Struttin’ Time.

Remember, fall turkey season opens to shotguns on October 24. Please be ready to have some fun.

I want to thank Tyler and Derek for this story. Until next time.

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