Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Youth turkey hunt already underway

The youth wild turkey season opened on April 3, and I hope everyone that hunts takes this opportunity to take young person hunting.

Our regular season opens on April 17, and I need to report, least I forget, that there are plently of longbeards in our area. On Good Friday, I was scouting in Letcher County and spotted eight that would look good on anybody’s wall.

It has been brought to my attention that next season the opening day will be moved to the second Saturday in April, and that is where it will rest, like squirrel season, forever. That is fine with me.

I was talking to my good friend Raymond Brown, and he is having the same trouble with black bears as I have had in the past. They are eating him out of house and home. They got my Fugi apples, and they have tried to come in and eat supper with my buddy Raymond.

He is something else. Raymond will always be part of my life. He has two granddaughters that are world class, and told me he was going to make sure they, well at least one, hunted on Youth Day. The other, according to Raymond, can’t sit still. I’ve known these two all their young lives and his description is right on the money.

My buddies Derek Barto and Jimmy McIntosh are at it again. This time they asked me which was the turkey in the picture that Ben Gish ran in The Eagle.
I explained the turkey was the one wearing the camo. That seemed to settle them down.

I will be heading to North Carolina for a hunt there that begins on April 12. The hunters in that state are one brick shy of a load, in my mind. They do not permit hunting on Sunday and don’t want the law changed. Things you can do on Sunday in North Carolina include, but are not limited to, getting drunk or not getting drunk, shopping or not shopping, etc. About the only thing you can’t do is hunt. I guess they think if they stop hunting on Sunday it will sweeten the offering plate, because hunters will go to church. Wrong!

So I always miss opening day and start the following Monday. That also gives one of my daughters, Nema, and myself the weekend of April 10 to go and watch the Cubs and the Reds. I already feel the heartburn from the beer and brats.

Until next time, hunt safe and hug and kiss a child and an elderly person this week. It may be the only one they get.

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