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Fall turkey season opens October 24

Well gang, fall turkey season with a shotgun is just a few days away. It opens at daylight on October 24 and runs for five days.

Warning: Don’t expect the same behavior from Mr. Tom as you saw in the spring. He is a totally different creature. He is not looking for hens to hang with, but will be with other male and maybe Jake buddies. Gobblers are now grouped together fighting for their pecking order.

Fighting Purrs are a good bet as the call of choice this time of year. Long beards love a good fight. Forget your clucks, purrs, cuts, and yelps. They are in no mood for hens, just hanging with the gang.

Please, whatever you do, hunt legally. By that I mean not over corn. I know corn is out right now to feed the deer, but please stay clear of the feeders.

The rules for fall turkey hunting have changed in the last few years. Although it is legal to kill hens — and to be honest I have taken three bearded hens in the fall — let us not kill hens, please.

Next, we are only allowed one gobbler with a beard over four inches. After that they must be Jakes or hens. Let us please call it quits after one long beard. We may be saving a sport we all love by doing that.

You still have time to make sure you can fit into your hunting clothes and have not gained weight like me. Remember, the camouflage clothes for fall are a different color. Instead of being more green they are more brown. Make sure your shotgun is still on and you have shells.

Please give me your reports so we can report it in Struttin’ Time. Until next time, stay safe and good hunting!

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