Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Three seasons at once; still no luck

Fall turkey season, with a shotgun, opened October 24 and closes October 30. Those are the same dates for hunting black bear, with archery and crossbow. And of course deer season, with archery, is also in now.

I went back in my mind to just a few years ago when I had this notion to hunt for all three the same day. I was excited and entered the woods in Letcher County well before daylight. It was windy, cold, raining, leaves falling, and foggy. I thought, “I am the only person to be stupid enough to be in the woods on a morning like this.”

I may have been right, as I hunted for probably four miles through the mountains and never heard or saw another hunter. I came out of the mountains a little after dark, battered, bruised, windburned, and defeated, I never saw one other living creature, not even a bird or ground squirrel.

Last night, as I was trying to decide whether to travel to Letcher County so I could hunt black bear, the cold windy rain set in here in Estill County. The thunder rolled, the lightning streaked across the sky, and my mind went back to when I hunted hard all day and came up empty. Then I thought, “I will just hunt turkeys here.”

The storms never let up all night. Come a couple hours before daylight, it was slacked but still storming. Not wanting a repeat of just a few years ago, I went back to bed.

There you have it: “I WENT BACK TO BED.” With the amount of turkeys I have harvested and the miles I have traveled to get them, if I can’t miss one opening day then something is way wrong. Turkey season lasts two more days. Good luck to every hunter who will go out. I hope you don’t get defeated like I was a few years back.

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