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Going deer hunting? Stay safe!

Rifle season for deer opens on November 14. Let us go over some basic rules that will make sure you come home safe.

Keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times, like toward the sky, when possible. Keep your barrel away from your body parts.

One of the biggest mistakes I see hunters making is while they are standing, waiting, or talking, they put their hand over the muzzle. Bad move. Just ask Gary Richardson, who lost his hand and ear when a branch caught his trigger. He thought the safety was on. You know the ending to this story.

Never bring a loaded firearm into camp or to your truck. My dad would not only ask us several times if our firearm was unloaded, he would check. If a person is too lazy to unload their firearms, then in my opinion they are to lazy to be hunting.

Make sure your barrel before loading is clear of mud wasp nests. One friend of mine kept his hunting equipment in his garage. We notice a mud wasp nest, and he checked his rifle barrel. It was full. Had he shot it, it would have blown up his barrel at the least.

Make sure of your target. I still remember the days when farmers painted their animals, so hunters would not shoot them. I personally have seen “cow” painted on many a cow, or “goat” on goats. Make sure of your target; bullets have no eyes, and can’t be recalled.

The accident rate has declined over the years, thanks to hunter education classes, and hunters getting experience afield. Keep in mind, the kill is just a plus the adventure is the reason we hunt.

Be a kind hunter. Don’t go in on someone. That reflects badly on all of us. Have a safe, fun hunting season, and remember a trophy is in the eye of the beholder.

Good luck in the woods, and come home safe

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