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It’s time to say good-bye for 2020

It has been a great year for killing big bucks this deer season, but that is about all it has been good for. COVID-19 has attacked us in a fury, and with no end in sight, but together we will get through this.

Remember what I have told you before, something my papaw told me once: “Son, the sun will rise, even if the rooster doesn’t crow.”

In my opinion, we live in a divided country where people won’t listen to facts about things that could get us killed. Mimi and I went into a store that she had been wanting to visit. Since we don’t get out much and were going by there, we stopped. Upon opening the door, I observed about a dozen people inside, workers and customers, and none wearing masks. Exit stage left for us. I have been told, and firmly believe, masks will save lives. Please wear one.

As we look back over the year while coming to the close of another year that saw Ben Gish and the rest of the gang at The Mountain Eagle put up with me, I want to say that overall it has been good. Most of us are able to still walk, eat, hug, and love.

This will be the last Struttin’ Time for 2020. We will hopefully return next year, bigger and better than ever. Until January 2021, please be safe and remember it is not all about you. Have a great Thanksgiving and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season on December 25.

We here at Struttin’ Time want to thank each and every reader, and we hope you have enjoyed reading as much as we do writing. Until then, Godspeed.

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