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Struttin’ Time

He is going rabbit hunting ASAP

We are back. I hope you had a great holiday during our break. I hope to share many hunting trips with you again this year. I also hope the virus is finally getting under control, as the new vaccine has started to get into the arms of our people.

Did Santa bring you a new firearm for Christmas? If he did, you were one of the lucky few. I am the proud owner of 91 firearms, most for collecting, some for hunting, and a few for personal protection.

In October, my wife Sharon took me to purchase another Model 1911 pistol for my collection. Although these pistols serve no real purpose except to collect, they are fun to have around when friends come by, just to show and talk about.

Anyway, after going to Cabela’s, Dunham’s, Sportsman Warehouse, and a local gun store, we were about ready to give up. With one more stop to make, we went to Rural King and found the last Model 1911 .45 caliber, they had in the store. I was surprised to find out that different gunmakers do make a 1911 in the .380 caliber. I try and keep my collection original, so I stick with the .45 caliber.

I was shocked to look at the shelves in these stores. I am not bragging, but I have more firearms in my vault than the stores had in stock. I spoke with each store worker in the firearm department and their story was all the same — they are unable to get many guns. Since this is our first Struttin’ Time of the year, I have not had time to research the why, but I will.

Not only did Sharon get me a new Model 1911 for Christmas, she was able to order me a new rabbit gun, which arrived December 22 from Sportsman Warehouse. I have decided to start back rabbit hunting.

Since the old crew had stopped rabbit hunting — Steve and John Banks, and Gale Dean Campbell (who left us last year and is now waiting to hunt with us someday in the future) — I had sold my rabbit gun.

I have met a new friend who lives in Michigan and has top quality rabbit dogs. He has asked me to hunt with him. Although the good old days with our crew are gone and I know they won’t ever be the same, as soon as we can travel again I am heading to Michigan to rabbit hunt.

I am glad to be back. Let us hope for a much better 2021. See you next week.

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