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Women are set to auction elk tag

I love being me. Having hunted over the United States, Canada and Mexico, I have gotten to meet and hunt with many of the same people you watch on television.

Two of the fine people that I have known since their birthdays are Bridgette Holbrook — her mother used to work with me and her grandparents were some of my best friends — and Melissa Jones Blair, whose parents I grew up with.

Melissa and I hunt together when we can. Bridgette and I hope to plan a hunting trip soon. A few years back, Bridgette and Melissa formed Wildlife Women, a group of women who hunt, fish, and are trying to leave this place better than how they found it.

Both Bridgette and Melissa are fine people who hunt and fish while also holding down full-time jobs. Bridgette is the president of the club. Melissa is the vice president. The two of them, along with five other club members, just returned from an annual duck hunt to Charles, Arkansas.

There, they hunted public land that was flooded. It was a rewarding but difficult hunt and no ducks were harmed in the seven-day adventure. Camp as usual was a blast. Although the weather was cold, it was not really cold enough for duck hunting, thus the reason the victory went to the ducks this time. Their shotgun of choice was a Franchi.

I want to congratulate them on their hunt and for showing that true hunting is not about the kill, but the adventure.

Wildlife Women is taking bids on a 2021 Unit 6, Kentucky Commissioner elk tag. It is a fully guided or DIY hunt with Beaver Creek Outfitters of Knott County. The current bid is $13,000. The “buy it now” price is $17,500.

For more information or to bid, please contact Bridgette at 606- 369-4641. You can also call Beaver Creek Outfitters at 606-939-3406.

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