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Writer likes his chances for a ‘Slam’

I hope to complete a grand slam in wild turkey hunting this week. I already have the other three this year — Osceola from Florida, Merriam from Nebraska, and Rio from Kansas.

I need to touch on a few things. To the little eight-year-old twins, boy and girl, that had their picture taken with me at Farmers Supply last week: Although you think I am the best hunter in the world, and your parents seem to agree, please don’t make me into your hero. Please pick someone who will be in your life not only today but tomorrow also. Since your dad takes you hunting and seems like a good guy to me, try making him your hero.

Also, in looking at my files I see that I told you about a young lady I met on a flight from Washington State last year who was going to help me set up a hunt for the Ocellated turkey, which thrives in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Well, that is not going to happen. I have not heard one word from her since we got off the airplane. If people aren’t going to carry through with things they promise, they should just not offer. I will plan my own trip when I get ready. That way, if it falls through it’s my fault.

I am excited about my chances for a grand slam this year. I never got this close to one this fast, and it makes me want to expand to try get a royal slam that would include a Gould’s, but not the Ocellated.

Maybe I can get a tin cup and stand in front of the Letcher County Courthouse to raise money to pay for my trip next year. If you see me there, please donate.

I would be nuts to close without telling you that the first Kids Day event will be held on Saturday, May 1, at the old Calvary Campus on Highway 7 in Letcher. It starts at 10 a.m. and runs till 2 p.m. All kinds of fun and games, free. Come out and join us. Watch for and listen to our ads.

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