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Struttin’ Time

Remembering old pal Renfro Baker

We are taking a few weeks to remember some of my heroes, who have hunted with me. Today we remember my lifelong friend, Renfro Baker.

I can’t remember the first time I met Renfro, must have been in 1970. He became a force to me in my life, both in the woods and out.

Renfro and his mother were listeners of mine, while I was at WNKY radio in Neon. I would play them a song each and every morning. His mother told me to call her Mamaw. I did until she slipped the surly bounds of this life.

I ran into some really bad luck, in the early ’90s. I was going broke, and my health was gone. Renfro and his sons always treated me like a “brother”. Robbie Baker, Tim Baker, Johnathan Baker, and Brandon Mason would come by my house, pick me up, and head to their farm to hunt, fish and just hang. Those days will be forever in my memories.

I would stay for a week or longer, so sick, I thought I would die in Nancy, Kentucky. I was really getting well, but at the time, I never realized it.

I can’t recall the all the fun times we had, because there were just too many.

Renfro has left us, the farm is probably a village now. I’m thinking that the boys probably subdivided and built houses on the farm.

Renfro was a kind, caring person, a man, and family that helped me, when I was really needing help. I will never forget their kindness, and compassion. Forever they will be part of my life.

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