Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time:

Good friends make hunting great

As time moves along, I want to thank the men and women who have taken time from their busy life to walk some of this journey with me.

We are now on week four of talking about these people, and I hope you have enjoyed reading about them as much as I have writing about them. Our stories about these guys will end in a few weeks, but the memories will last a lifetime.

The 1980s were kind but also terrible for me. I was working out of town, trying to run a small business, and losing my health all at the same time. I had some strong friends in my corner and we spent as much time as we could out in the fields rabbit hunting.

I owned “Fall Brawl Kennel” and loved my dogs. Then-Sheriff Steve Banks, his brother John, Gale Dean Campbell, a man most everyone knew, and me all had beagles. We would go rabbit hunting whenever we got the time. One year we got 64 rabbits — a year Steve Banks recalls very well.

You know there is more to a hunt than just the kill. Having friends you can count on is a big part of the hunt. Before we would head to hunt places like Daniels Branch, or the airport, or on over into Knott County, we would stop by the local Micky D’s and pick up a dozen “McRib” sandwiches. Although they were a lunch food, they always had them ready for us, thanks to a call ahead from Steve.

I loved this crew like a band of brothers. Gale Dean has left us now, waiting for another hunt across the Silent River. I doubt that Steve, John and myself could walk even the level ground now and rabbit hunt, but it sure would be fun to try.

When I started writing about my friends who have helped me on this journey, it never came to mind that there were so many friends who spent so much time with me.

I would love to relive those years again with Steve, John, and Gale Dean, but those years are just loving memories and can never be relived. But they will be recalled. Thank you, Steve, John, and several other people who walked with me. It has been a great journey.

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