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Struttin’ Time

It’s time to talk turkey once again

Sometimes I just don’t think.

These last few weeks are a perfect example. I started out a few weeks ago trying to mention the hunters and fishermen who have made a difference in my journey. I see now that I failed miserably. I could write about them for a year, and not even get started.

I am sorry, but we need to get on with turkey season. Although you may not have made it into a Struttin’ Time column, I have not forgotten you and never will. Under normal times — these times are anything but normal — I would be getting ready to head to Florida with my friends, Richard Mullins of Mayking, some friends from the Chicago area, and sometimes my daughter, Nema, who likes to wild boar hunt.

Turkey season in Florida in the area we hunt opens around March 15. We have made that trip every year since 2000. We will not be taking the Florida trip, and the western swing hunt through Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas is still in doubt.

So, how can I take you as readers along if I can’t go? So here we are, not knowing which way to turn, but we will get it together, I am sure. I still have hope of hunting for the Gould turkey this year, if and when they will decide to open the border back up.

Well, as much as I would again like to thank everyone for walking with me on this journey, we must get back to hunting. Until next week, please be safe.

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