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Struttin’ Time

Wild turkey season grows nearer

It is almost time.

Wait, I better fill you in on just what time it is. Sorry, but turkey season won’t open until April.

Here in Kentucky, now is a good time to check out and buy back any hunting equipment that doesn’t work. When I was at home with you in Letcher County, I loved to sit on my deck at this time of year and watch the turkeys walk around the hill in my yard and listen to the “big boys” really get serious about their gobbling.

As the days get longer, the gobbling will get more and more intense. Gobblers, to many people’s surprise, actually gobble year around. But it is when they are looking for “sweethearts” in the spring that they get really cranked up.

Do me a favor, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and relax on your deck. Kick back in the rocker around sunrise and listen for the action to start. The wild turkeys will boom from every hill.

Writing about listening to the turkeys starting to gobble louder brings back to mind my old friend Jerry Coots. He loved International Coffee; his favorite flavor was Belgian. He would stop by my house early in the morning. We would sit in the rocking chairs on the deck, drink the International Coffee, and listen to nature at her best.

I miss Jerry and the friendship we had together. Those were the really good old days. Jerry, as is the case of many of my friends, left me. I don’t know why, but I do know my name is on the short list.

We will start today getting ready for opening day. Richard Mullins of Mayking and myself hope we can get across the Mexican border and hunt the Gould turkey after the border opens March 21. We have no hunts planned for Florida this year as far as I know. Their season in Zone A, the most southern part, opens March 6.

In next week’s Struttin’ Time, we will get into what I think will get you a wild turkey. Until then, oil your shotgun, try on your hunting cloths, and let us have a great season.

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