Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Gobblers are busy looking for hens

Our most favorite time of year is now upon us.

Spring turkey season will start soon, and after last year I can’t wait. Our Mexico trip to hunt the Gould turkey is still up in the air, and will not be settled until at least March 21 to see if the border has reopened.

This week, we are looking into the world that turkeys live in. As I have told you in years past, there are five transition periods of turkey life. They last approximately 15 days each. There is a margin of error of five days, from start to finish.

For our purpose we will stay in Kentucky, which is zone 2. Around March 20 till April 4, gobblers are leaving their winter mold and finding hens. Big flocks of gobblers and hens begin traveling together. The majority of the gobbling is done on the roost, and very little is done on the ground, after fly down, except for a “shock gobble” every now and then.

Gobblers spend most of their day strutting, and displaying themselves behind the hens. During this transition period, you will see gobblers fighting a lot. Caution! Do not take anything but a locater call, crow, hawk, owl into the woods with you while scouting. It is illegal, and it could change the turkey’s pattern, looking for a hen that is nowhere to be found.

This is a good time to check your hunting gear to make sure you can still wear your hunting gear, and that your gun is well oiled and clean. Sand your calls, and do a little brushing up on your calling.

All these things will make for a more enjoyable hunt. Let me remind you, your Kentucky hunting license needs to be renewed, if you haven’t done it already. Till next week.

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