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Struttin’ Time

Expect to hear more gobbling soon

Well Struttin’ Time readers, together we have traveled and hunted wherever there is a turkey season. We have tried for years to hunt south of the border in Mexico to finish our Royal Slam and bring home the Gould turkey of Mexico. Our plans, it seems again, have been put on hold because the border is still closed.

The Department of Homeland Security will decide April 23 whether to reopen the border with Mexico. That doesn’t leave me the time to get my airline ticket and a hotel on this side of the border to wait for my Outfitter to pick me up. I have now added my western trip back on to my list, at least to Kansas. We will just need to take a wait and see approach.

We have been looking into the transition periods of wild turkeys. This week we will be in period number two.

Keep in mind, there is a fiveday margin of error. Starting April 4 through April 19, gobblers break up and compete for harems of hens — usually one gobbler and several hens or two gobblers with several hens (the extra gobbler watches over the breeder). Hens start laying but return and frequent gobblers daily. They usually slip away around midmorning after breeding, then return to the harem after laying.

Extensive gobbling in the first hour is common, usually followed by a lull period for breeding hens. Subordinate gobblers travel around with the harem but get quiet when boss gobbler shuts down. These subordinate gobblers start gobbling around 9 a.m., looking for lonesome hens.

Get ready, opening day will be here soon.

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