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Struttin’ Time

Trying for the World Slam in Mexico

My trip to Mexico to try for a World Slam is here.

By the time you read this edition of Struttin’ Time, I should be in the middle of my hunt for the Gould turkey. I have been trying to get to Mexico since 2006. Is my time really here? I sure hope so.

The Gould turkey is the largest of the sub-species. I have always lived by the creed to love everyone, and each day I work toward that goal, although I find it harder to do every day. But I for sure love people that think outside the box. To me getting a World Slam, or a Royal Slam, is thinking outside the box.

I have many friends who have their Grand Slams, but are now going after their World Slams, some even after their Royal Slams. Then I have some hunting friends who are content with just staying in Letcher County and hunting Eastern turkey the rest of their lives.

Remember, as I have always been told, different strokes, for different folks. If staying home and taking Eastern turkey is all you want to do, that is fine with me. Let me ask you though, where is your spirit of adventure?

I started on this journey more than 35 years ago. I hope to get one turkey closer to my goal in just a few days. I am not sure if you can get my results of my hunt by next week. It will depend on how long it takes me to fill my tag.

If there is no Struttin’ Time in next week’s Mountain Eagle, I am either still looking for one, or the cartel has me. Hopefully I will do good. As for myself, I love thinking outside the box, and I still have that feeling of adventure. If I ever lose it, I will quit.

Later, my friends. Wish me luck.

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