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Fishing trip wasn’t meant to be

This is a follow up about my fishing trip that wasn’t.

After booking a Gulf of Mexico fishing trip in February to fish the coast of St. George Island, Florida, I was pumped. This was going to be my last planned hunt/ fishing trip of 2021, unless I was drawn for the Maine moose hunt (which I wasn’t, I got the results on Saturday night).

The fishing trip was to be with my best fishing buddy, daughter Nema, and her husband, Jason. It was planned as a dual trip — half vacation, half fishing. We were booked for June 9 at 2:30 p.m. For some reason I thought it was on Thursday. Last Tuesday night Nema said, “Dad, tomorrow is our fishing day, right?” I assured her it was on Thursday. I said to her, “Love, your dad has hunted all over the world, and I have never missed a hunt or fishing trip.” Last Wednesday, she again mentioned it, adding that she was wanting to do some touring of the mainland. I assured her, once again, that I had everything under control. She and Jason were off to the mainland faster than butter melts on pancakes.

At 2:45 last Wednesday the call came in from the outfitter with the question, “Are you and your party coming?” I answered, “Yes, I will see you tomorrow.” He said, “But today is the 9th” before adding “you should have already been here.” Well, with my fishing buddies on the mainland and already running late, I told him to cancel my trip. Fastest $450 I ever threw away in my life.

Sadness overtook me as I let it soak in. No fishing trip for me after traveling almost 1,000 miles one way, and my money gone. I am sure some of you will chuckle, and it is somewhat funny. But look at it this way: I had time to kick back, enjoy time with my family, and eat some great seafood.

I guess getting to do half my goal isn’t bad. Now back to grieving.

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