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Struttin’ Time

She sets high goals, and meets them

Just when I think I need to shut down the press on Struttin’ Time for a few weeks, in comes hunting stories from everywhere, and the thoughts of not writing about them fades fast.

The first subject we will talk about for the next few weeks is about our own Bridgette Holbrook. She was raised in Jackhorn, and I knew her dad and mom. Bridgett’s dad was killed in one of the two Scotia mine explosions that rocked our county in 1976. Her mom worked with me when I was a radio DJ at WNKY, where I played her grandparents a song every morning.

So, I am proud to be able to do a series of stories on Bridgette. An avid hunter, she is also the founder and president of “Wildlife Women.” If you are not a member of their organization, please check out their website and see if it is right for you.

We have talked much lately about thinking outside the box. Bridgett for sure does that, and these next few weeks will bring that to light. Although I have always thought of myself as one who thinks outside the box, sometimes my box is just not big enough. I think in terms of getting a World Slam in wild turkey hunting, a feat I hope to accomplish next year. Things like taking a moose, or a grizzly bear, (I once had a trip planned for Alaska, but my outfitter died).

Never in my life have I set my goals to hunt the plains animals of South Africa. I have many friends who have undertaken such a trip, but I never even thought about hunting there. So, their box is much larger than mine.

In the next few weeks we will follow Bridgette on her almost 22,000-mile trip, as she hunts the plains animals of South Africa. Be sure you catch each story about this remarkable young lady, Letcher County’s own Bridgette Holbrook, as she gives us in her own words her feelings about thinking outside the box.

Stay tuned.

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