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Struttin’ Time

Why no squirrel story this week?

I might as well face the facts, I am not 30 years old anymore.

I put off doing this edition of Struttin’ Time so that I could do a story about our opening day of 2021 squirrel season. This is day two, and I have not made it into the woods yet. I just could not make it happen.

I don’t like to talk about me being sick, but for the last few weeks, death would have been a comfort. I am down with a kidney infection and a right arm that has come loose from the shoulder socket. And to top it all, I have a yeast infection. Do what? A man with a yeast infection? Yep.

So, I will pass this news along to you. I will be having surgery in a few days, on my kidneys, then a few days later, on my arm. Have I ever mentioned to you that getting old with this many miles on you stinks?

I hobbled around all day Friday getting things ready to hunt on Saturday. At almost bedtime my wife, Sharon, came into the living room and asked if I thought I would be able to go hunting the next morning. My answer was I have never missed an opening day, no need to start now. Man was I wrong. I was deathly ill at five o’clock on Saturday morning, so it was back to bed for me.

I’m not much better at this writing. My mind for some reason is stuck in the past and my body is here now. After this week’s fishing trip with my daughter, Nema Brewer-Candy, to try and catch some monster catfish in the Ohio River, I will next be heading to North Carolina on October 8 to hunt the “Trappers Trail” in the Blue Ridge Mountains. That was a tough trip, when I was young and healthy, so I hope I can walk out alive.

My future plans are to take a wait and see attitude. Is this the end of the trail? Can I keep doing the things I love to do? Hunting and fishing is a way of life for me, but my tank may be running on empty, and the sputtering has begun. Only our “Master” and the “Great Physician” knows for sure when my end will get here, but the handwriting looks to be on the wall.

Our fishing trip, which took place this week, will be our subject for Struttin’ Time next week. I hope to write about catching some of the hundred-pound monsters.

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