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More hunting ‘outside of the box’

I love it when hunters send me updates and their thoughts on hunts they have taken. So, I was really happy when I opened my e-mail and there was an update from Letcher County native and President of Wildlife Women Bridgette Holbrook, who has become a world-class hunter.

In her latest writing, Bridgette recalled her South Africa hunt we first visited in this column a few weeks ago. If you will recall, I love people who think outside the box, and Bridgette is one of those people. She was not happy with the way hunting was going, so she organized Wildlife Women, and has changed hunting for the best. Wildlife Women is a very successful group that hunts, fishes, and just hangs together, I think they are in about eight states now.

Here are some recent words from Bridgette about her African hunt: “There is not a day that goes by (when) I don’t think about my South African hunt. However, it has been a while since I have talked to fellow hunters about the amazing experiences I had. My fellow Wildlife Women sister, Kim, warned me that that place would forever live in my heart, and forever change your very being. I must agree. It is almost unbelievable to look back on the pictures and know I have been blessed to be there.

“Living, hunting, and bonding with fantastic people in a place that doesn’t even seem real, my own fairytale land. … In the end I knew all the animals I had hunted had spoken to me.”

If any of you hunters would like to hunt with the best, as Bridgette has, book a hunt with Msenge African Safaris, info@ msengesafaris.coza. Lodging provided by Maweni Game Lodge, at mawenilodge.com.

Please again think outside the box. It will lead you to unknown places.

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