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McRoberts woman gets nine-pointer

NINE-POINTER — McKaye Collins of McRoberts poses with a ninepoint buck she killed recently during deer archery season.

NINE-POINTER — McKaye Collins of McRoberts poses with a ninepoint buck she killed recently during deer archery season.

I have said over and over, “Thank you, women, for saving hunting.”

I love to get stories of women hunting, and bringing home the bacon, or meat. Here is a story I got this past week from McKaye Collins, who stepped up and — although she didn’t bring home any bacon — did bring home a nice nine-point buck.

McKaye lives in McRoberts, my old hometown. She started archery hunting in 2018 with a Bear compound bow. Here are her words about her hunt, as were told to me:

“I got into my stand at about 6:45 Monday morning (Nov. 1) with my new Bowtech compound bow. As I waited for first light, I already knew it was going to be a good morning. It was chilly, calm, and the moon was about to relapse, it had been pitch dark all night.

“I had gone back and forth between this deer and another deer for a few weeks. While I was struggling to make a decision about which deer to make my shooter, this deer made my decision for me when he started making an appearance in the daylight for a week.

“Every morning, as well as every evening, he was walking through and I could see him on my camera as it would send the pictures to my phone. As soon as the sun was out enough for me to see, he came up the ridge to my right. Just before 8 a.m. I texted Nick (my husband) and said there is a buck walking in, wish me luck. The buck slowly made his way into my shooting lane. As soon as I thought it was just me and the buck, in walked a doe from my right side. So then I had both deer to watch, because I didn’t want to spook one of them trying to stand up and get my bow up.

“Finally, after about 20 minutes, the doe went behind a bush and my buck turned his head away from me. I knew I had a short time, (so) I never even stood up. I shot him while I was sitting down. He dropped in his tracks. There was no trailing him; there he lay. I always cry after I harvest an animal and have a huge place in my heart for this sport. I spend a lot of time hunting and thank God for this accomplishment.

“(The buck) was a nice ninepoint with a kicker on the back side of the left G2. I had really thought he was an eight-point, until I put my hands on him.”

Struttin’ Time readers, please send me your stories so we can get them in The Mountain Eagle. Remember, firearm season opens November 13. Please hunt carefully.

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