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Struttin’ Time

Was a bear or coyote first to get turkey?

I had a long talk with Raymond Brown, and gave him a Merriam turkey breast. Now I don’t know that you could tell the diff erence between a Merriam breast and an Eastern, but I used it only as a focal point to let him know his turkey breast came from out West.

Seems that Raymond is down on his luck as far as killing a turkey of any kind this year. I will try to pass along his story, as close to the truth as I can stay.

Raymond told me from early on that he hadn’t run across any turkeys on his place, and that was almost true throughout the season. Except one final day near the end. Raymond, it seems, saw a nice longbeard and hammered down. A grin came across his face as his son Dale told him the ole boy was lying over there.

Dale was the first upon the spot where the turkey was supposed to be lying. No turkey, but according to Raymond, enough feathers to make a pillow. When Raymond arrived, and asked where the turkey was, Dale told him it must have flopped down the hill.

With Raymond taking charge, down the hill he went with Dale right behind. A three-hour search was on, only to leave emptyhanded. Upon pondering what just happened, Raymond came to these conclusions. One, that the pesky bears that have been eating him out of house and home beat him to the turkey, or a coyote, but my friend never thought maybe he didn’t hit him with a bone-chilling blow.

Which story do you like the best?

Raymond put his dollar in my tin cup. I’m closer to my goal.

Remember that the second Kids Days event will be held at Jenkins on June 5, from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. We will have a wildlife exhibit at this Kids Days. You will be able to see moose, elk, coyote, bobcat, deer, turkey, and the list goes on. Of course everything is free. There will be gifts as long as they last for the youths who sees the wildlife exhibit.

Next week we take a poke at my friend Mike Cook, and talk about his moose hunt.

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