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Struttin’ Time

We can get kids hunting once again

Please bear with me while my mind wanders to the years of my youth, the days when nearly all the young people hunted and enjoyed the outdoors.

The number of small game hunters is on the decline. Nintendo, X-Box, and cell phones have replaced the .22 as the approved form of childhood entertainment, and most hunters live in a world obsessed with mega-racked bucks, no longer small game.

It seems we have lost sight of the little things and simpler times that make the woods such an enjoyable place to be. What a shame.

However, it doesn’t take much to reignite the fire in the seasoned or start a fire in the youth, just a pocket full of .22 shells, an inexpensive rifle, and a patch of hardwoods loaded with bushytails. Squirrel hunting requires little in the way of equipment, no high-priced leases or hardcore scouting. It is hunting in its purest form.

On June 5, spring squirrel season opens in the Commonwealth and stays in for two weeks. My lifelong friend, Raymond Brown, and myself will be taking two young boys hunting. The way to win the youth back, I believe, is one child at a time.

Kids Day will be at Jenkins on June 5 starting at 10 a.m. and lasting until 2 p.m. Bring the kids and have a free, fun-filled day. We will be having the Struttin’ Time Wildlife Exhibit there with around 40 exhibits.

Till next time, hug and kiss a child and old person this week. It may be the only one they get.

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