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Struttin’ Time

Enough charges without asking for more

We have all heard the expression, “We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.”

In the real world, hunters have a knack for doing this all the time. We pit archery hunters against crossbow hunters, quality deer management hunters against regular hunters, dog hunters against non-dog hunters, and the list goes on and on. But very seldom does the head of a hunting organization try to cost hunters money.

The case I’m talking about happened a few days ago in New Jersey, where for the first time in five years that state plans on having a black bear season. The anti’s love it when hunters go after each other. They can just sit back and reap the benefits, and when the vice-president of the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen Club (John Rogalo) opens his mouth, the anti’s are overjoyed.

New Jersey is not going to charge hunters for a bear tag. All you have to do is attend a bear education course, after which you will be issued a tag. Vice- President Rogalo jumped into the fray with the state legislators demanding a charge for a bear tag. This man is supposed to be on the side of hunters?

Hunters pay more than their share now. I mentioned in ‘Struttin’ Time’ just a few weeks ago that every state is about to price itself out of business by raising prices on hunting licenses. The first thing the powers that be in the Commonwealth of Kentucky do when starting a new season is charge another fee. No second thoughts there.

The State of New Jersey is letting bear hunters hunt free, and a man who is supposed to look out for the welfare of hunters wants the state to charge. Something is wrong with that picture. Word is, if you want to kill a real bruin this fall New Jersey will be your place. Rumor has it that some 800-pound bears have been spotted.

You better hurry, though, because with men like Rogalo in charge, New Jersey will charge for bear tags sooner or later, more like sooner.

Could any of you imagine Kentucky opening a new hunting season and not charging hunters any money?

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