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Record number of wild turkeys killed

Turkey season is gone, and a record number of longbeards were killed by Kentucky hunters this year. A record total of 29,006 turkeys were reported. We must have some of the hardiest hunters in the world with all the rain we had.

When I was young, too many years ago to recall, I believe I use to hunt in the rain, snow, and below freezing temperatures. I don’t do that anymore, because it is no longer fun for me.

I am now taking time to get ready for a black bear hunt in Vermont. This is a true fair chase hunt, no baiting, no dogs. I will leave on Aug. 30, and hunt Sept. 1 to 10.

I was invited to speak at Letcher Elementary School recently, and talked to the seventh and eighth graders. I promised them that if

they will buy a Mountain Eagle

each week and read Struttin’ Time, I will take them on a hunting trip in their mind’s eye — a trip that will cost them nothing, and will live in their mind forever. I want thank everyone for inviting me to speak.

I want to thank a special friend for the strawberry shortcake, and for allowing me to hunt on her land again this year. She knows who she is, and I cherish her friendship. Thanks.

There will be no “out West” trips this year. I never applied for a tag. I have put all my eggs in one basket, trying to get a Maine moose tag. They will draw on June 18 for 3,181 tags, but only two-percent go to non-residents. My guide in Maine last year has applied for 18 years and has never been drawn, and he is a resident! But someone’s name is going to get drawn; might as well be ming. Maine is a beautiful state. It makes me ask, why did I stay in Letcher County?

Talked to my “ole friend” Jerry Coots the other day. He seems to be doing quite well. When he walked away I thought, why couldn’t more people be like him? Jerry is a class act.

Remember Kids Days at Jenkins City Park, Saturday, June 6, 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. It will be a fun day and I hope to see you there.

Till next time, do something nice for a stranger. It will make you a better person

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