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Struttin’ Time

Cheating ‘outfitter’ brings lesson in trust

Let me start this edition of Struttin’ Time by saying I am lost — not in the way of not knowing where I am, but of what to do. I was going to write about my friend Terry Adams, but haven’t been able to get up with him to fine tune the story. That will happen later.

My Dad taught me early in life that sometimes it doesn’t cost you anything to learn someone, then again it costs you a lot. I am speaking of an outfitter who I booked my Montana hunt with this year. I have known him several years, and have broken bread with him from time to time. He has asked me to hunt with him, and as any reader of Struttin’ Time knows, this was to be the year. Or that is what I thought.

I received the sad news on June 29 that he had taken the money and ran. Almost two years ago, he had given me a deal I just couldn’t turn down — pay for the trip, in full, in advance, and get a 20 percent discount. Twenty percent of a $3,000.00 hunt is big bucks in my book, and to even sweeten the deal even more I was to ride with him in his motor home. No airports to hassle with, no long 24-hour drive, no worries that my equipment would get lost. Sold!

I have been taught there are two bad paymasters, one that won’t pay a true and legal debt and one that pays before a job is done. I stand guilty of the latter, as charged. We live and we learn. Who can we trust these days?

I guess I will just hunt in the Commonwealth and let my mind pretend I’m in Montana. Right now a bunch of Canada geese are walking by, and a thought came to mind. Did you know that they are molting right now, and can’t fly?

I think that I will run and get ahead of them and lie down in front of their path. Then they can do what they are known to do best on me — just about everyone else does.

Keep in mind it’s back into the woods in 49 days. That will give me time to get the smell off me.

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