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Struttin’ Time

Still looking for his first big buck

The opening day of turkey season is fast approaching. To us real turkey hunters, and to the ones that want to be, it can’t get here soon enough.

I have been promising a story about my friend Terry Adams of Pert Creek, not to be confused with my friend Terry Adams of the Isom area, although one day I would like to do a story on him also.

This past week Terry and I met up so that I could finish my story. Terry was helping his mother into the beauty shop, and we took time to sit and talk.

Terry has been in the woods romping and hunting since early childhood. Of course his first quarry was the same as all of us, squirrels and rabbits with a grouse every now and then.

Terry told me about how growing up hunting has made him a better person, and has for sure taught him take things in stride.

After he begin deer hunting in the mid ‘80s, he, like all the rest of us, was after that big boy. Unlike the rest of us, Terry is still looking. I couldn’t help but chuckle when Terry told me the biggest buck he has ever killed is a six-point.

Mind you there are, and I have killed some, big and I mean big five- and six-point bucks, but I could tell that with Terry, that is not the case. The thing to remember is that a trophy is in the eye of the beholder, not what it scores in some record book. Terry is not discouraged, and will be in the woods when season opens this year.

By the way, he has not yet killed the elusive Longbeard. But one law that has never been repealed or changed is the law of averages, and that law is surely on his side.

Don’t forget about the Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Kids Fishing Day to be held on Saturday, August 28. Contact Raymond Brown at 633-9548, or Will Connelly at 633-5012.

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