Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Practice and take accurate aim

When bowhunting for turkeys, a hunter’s first priority is accuracy.

Turkeys aren’t known for jumping the string, and it isn’t hard to get adequate penetration with any decent broadhead. Before attempting to tackle turkeys with stick and string, archers owe it to themselves, and their quarry, to practice until they are confident with their shot placement. Practice makes perfect.

You need to practice kneeling, inside blinds, behind trees, in front of trees — any conceivable setup that one might encounter while hunting turkeys.

Choosing the right type of broadhead is very important when bowhunting for turkeys. I am not an expert, but I’ve killed enough turkeys with a bow to recommend shooting expandable broadheads. Hunters should set their draw weight so they can pull their bows without strain or quiver. This helps when you are looking down the sight at a big 10-inch gobbler.

Until next week, safe hunting.

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