Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Struttin’ Time

‘The day’ has finally arrived

The long-awaited day finally arrived — the opening day of archery season. As I have written in the past few months, during the downtime between seasons, we can once again follow our passion.

Be safe, and if you are using a tree stand I beg of you to use a safety harness.

Of course since my passion is turkey, I will be using a ground blind. Although some of you may have killed a turkey from tree stands, your chances are not good. They are much too smart for that. Use a blind.

Please allow me to regress at this point. I have something that I think is important to say. I’ve traveled all around this country, and in my time I thought I had seen it all. The other day, while attending the funeral of Moneck Johnson, the daughter of one of my dearest friends, Mable Johnson, I revisited Letcher County.

I knew that by doing that, my timing would get thrown off, but it was something I had to do. I stopped by “the barrel” on Highway 119 at Kona, and sat there watching my old friends swap guns, knives, and stories, then I went to Railroad Street in Whitesburg. In my mind’s eye I saw people buying cars from Boone Motor Co. I could see Sanders Collins, as he took time for each and every customer.

I strolled around the corner and looked at KYVA Motor Company. There stood Roy Jackson, Russell, Price, and of course, my big buddy Bill Collins. I looked to my left, there was Lewis Wholesale with its trucks, loading and unloading.

Before I could finish my walk through time, time had caught up with me and I had to get to Mable. Moneck Johnson was 44, much too young to complete this journey we call life, but the Death Angel has no birthday, no color, no gender, nor an age on his marching orders, just a name and an address.

I will finish my trip soon. I’ll give you the final chapter.

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