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Writer blanked in elk draw again

Well, the bad news never seems to change. I was not drawn for an elk tag again this year.

I have applied since day one without fail. Some of my hunting buddies want to see a change in the way the lottery is held. My friend Jim Felber thinks we should go to a system like is used out west.

There are some small differences between the way the western states have lottery drawings, but the bottom line is non-resident hunters are limited to between two and 10 percent of the total number drawn. They all have preference points, and they all charge up front. North Dakota allows for no non-residents. Also, you must send your money up front, which limits the amount of hunters who can apply, because it is hard for some to come up with between $500 and $1000 in March. Now they return your money if you don’t get drawn, in July.

But I couldn’t disagree with my friends more. Although I have never been drawn, I like our system just fine. If a non-resident gets drawn instead of me, that is fine. We have to remember we are all hunters, no matter what state we live in, and we are all in the same race together, the human race.

It took me nine years to get drawn in New Mexico. Of course I have applied longer in Kentucky, but I still like the way we do things.

What is starting to ruin our sport is greed. Let’s keep it for the common person. If the western states keep going the way they are in my lifetime, and I am one old hunter, the only ones that will be hunting are the rich.

Until next time, keep the campfire hot, and the smell of coffee in the air.

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