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Struttin’ Time

Hunting with bullets by the bucket

Dove season opened everywhere on Sept. 1, making it one season that opens the same in Nebraska as it does in Kentucky. Unfortunately, the anti’s are always trying to stop dove season, and in some states they have been successful. Why, I don’t know.

The controversy over dove hunting is another reason why we need to pass Rep. Leslie Combs’s right to hunt law, to stop nuts like those who comprise PETA from taking away our hunting.

I was told by my friend Jamie Hatton that I missed a great day recently while I was away at a Cubs game. Jamie, Raymond Brown, Will Connelly, and about seven more of the gang met at Raymond’s farm. They had contacted with Federal Ammunition to supply them with the truck load of shells they would need!

The day broke just the way Jamie wanted it to — a sky full of doves and a five-gallon bucket full of shells.

According to Jamie, he learned fast that you need to sit still if you expect doves to come within shooting range. He told me that at first he got so excited when he saw the doves coming he would jump off the bucket, only to see the doves make haste toward the other end of the field, with Jamie cutting a path behind them.

After a while, he got so tired he just sat on the bucket and, lo and behold, the doves came within 20 feet. He was on to something. He stayed put and almost got his limit.Th

e crew will need a bank note to pay for all the shells they got from Federal! Raymond did so poorly he hasn’t even called me. Maybe he is waiting for his shoulder to heal.

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