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Struttin’ Time

October is a hunter’s paradise

What a wonderful time is to be a hunter — just to be alive and to be able to hunt.

With summer is in our rear view mirror and fall just beginning and a big buck killed already, what more could a hunter ask?

Until today, the weather so far this October has been almost cool enough for killing a hog. But that would mean work, and we don’t want to do that just now. I’m excited and you should be.

In my book, October is the best hunting month there is. You may ask, has Steve lost his mind? He knows that next month, during the rut, is the best time. If you will take a deep breath and look at what I said, October is the best month for hunting. I’ll agree that the best time for killing deer is during the rut, but there is a big diff erence between hunting and killing.

October is usually neither too warm nor too cold to hunt and stay in a tree stand or ground blind. As I looked at my calendar for this month, it’s full of hunts. I try to hunt according to the moon phases, but that is not always the case. Wild game has no knowledge of the way we hunt and couldn’t care less.

According to Barnett’s feeding times, you need to be in the woods around the middle of October, meaning that I’ll be hunting in Letcher County on the 13th through the 15th. Although the 13th and 14th are only supposed to be “fair” days to hunt, remember wildlife don’t know that. Then of course it gets better as the next few days come. The 18th and 19th are supposed to be excellent days for hunting.

After I hunt in Letcher County I will travel to North Carolina for a black bear hunt which starts on the 18th. North Carolina is still one of the very few states left that gives wildlife Sunday off to go to church.

Remember, Muzzle loading season opens on October 16 and runs thru the 17th. Caution! Even if you choose to bow hunt during those two days, Hunter Orange is required.

Let me take this time to thank everyone who reads Struttin’ Time and travels with me, if only in your mind, to all the hunts we experience together. Thanks again. The old saying goes,” A bad day of hunting beats a good day at work anytime”.

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