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Blue Ridge Mountains were beautiful

I was sitting on top of the world this time last week. I have only seen two sunrises more beautiful than the ones I experienced on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and both of those will be forever between my heart and mind, not for public display.

As we went to a clear-cut area, my guide and I marveled at the beauty that was all around us. On the mountain below stood a mommy deer with her baby, which was still trying to nurse. Mommy wasn’t too happy with that, so a gentle nudge with the old nose sent the baby over the side of the mountain. Within a few minutes, Mommy walked to the side to check on her baby and a gentle kiss made everything all right.

As I looked for bear, I saw some bucks, as they butted each other in a playful, almost childish match of strength. It won’t be long until they will be locked in a duel that could end in death. I watched as the mountain stream followed its winding path toward the bottom.

But look for bear as much as we did, the weather was our worst enemy. It was 80 degrees, and no bear will be out in that heat. After hunting hard for three long hot days, we called it quits until it cools.

Upon my return I learned that one of my lifelong friends, Carl Mullins, has lost his sight. My next week’s column will be about Carl and the Mullins family of McRoberts. I love them like brothers, and if they are in pain I am also. Also, I was saddened and shocked to see that another hunting buddy of mine, Gary Bentley of Payne Gap, has answered the final call much too early and has gone home. My heart goes out to Mary Jane, his lovely wife, and to his family. I will be doing a story on Gary with their permission in the near future.

We are here but a few days, then like a vapor we vanish. Till next week, be at peace with yourself.

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