Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

Sharing the thrill of getting a buck

While I was hunting at home, one of my favorite kids got her big buck, and the first person she got a hold of was me. It was Destiny Sturgill, the daughter of Connie and Carlos Sturgill of Dry Fork, but most importantly, the sister of Carla, and the granddaughter of ‘Pap’ Raymond Brown. Destiny is 13, and this is her third deer. This deer is a nice five-point that will look good on anyone’s wall, and even better on Destiny’s.

She gave me a blow-by-blow account, and in her own words this is how it happened. She was hunting with her Uncle Dale. Seems that ‘Pap’ is still trying to get Carla her first deer, but can’t get her weaned from the Cocoa Puffs. The weather was terrible with the wind blowing and the rain falling. Dale had decided he had all this fun he could stand and had Destiny in tow heading back home, when Destiny saw a nice buck chasing a doe.

She took off in a run through the barn to get a shot as the cuck came around the barn. Her gun and scope were wet from the rain, but she managed to get it in the cross-hairs and squeeze the trigger. Down went the buck, and down went Destiny. Seems the slick rifle slid in her hands when she shot, and the scope hit her right between the eyes. That has happened to all us hunters at one time or the other.

As soon as she got back to her feet, she grabbed her cell phone — that is what hunters have in their packs these days — and call me. She was so excited, I can still feel her excitement.

Destiny, my heartfelt thank you being a hunter, and for counting me as your friend. Carla, put down the Cocoa Puff s and get one for me, it not for yourself. Maybe you need another guide. ‘Pap’, are you listening.

The Little Shepherd Chapter of the National Wild Turkey will be having its annual Youth Rabbit hunt on Saturday, November 27. You need to contact Raymond Brown for more information at 633- 9548. Also, anyone who wants to be a part of Christmas in Our Home Town to be held on December 10 in Whitesburg should contact City Hall, 633-3700, and ask for Eleanor Caudill or Heather Caudill, or Martha Watts at 633-3146.

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