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Back to work after a short break

It’s time for a family reunion. I want to thank all the Struttin’ Time readers for contacting me during our Christmas and New Year’s vacation. Many of you wanted to know why Struttin’ Time wasn’t in The Mountain Eagle, I thought that Ben Gish, and myself had made it plain we would be taking some time off in our last article. But we are back now. I trust you had a wonderful holiday.

Now is the time to start getting your gear ready for turkey season. Check your turkey vest for signs of tear. Nothing makes a hunter madder than be three miles in the woods and have equipment failure.

Take your guns to the backyard, and if you use a scope on your shotgun, make sure it is still on. Oil and clean your guns to keep them in top working order.

I want to touch on HR 1, that our State Representative Leslie Combs has pre-filed. It is very important that we as hunters and our friends keep track of this bill. It would guarantee our right to hunt in the Commonwealth. The anti’s have already started their little shenanigans, saying it is not needed, because they don’t intend to try and stop us from hunting. Hello! You can’t believe one word they say. They tried to stop our black bear season. You can’t trust them. I was told by some anti’s in 1968, “We will destroy your sport, one acre at a time.”

We need to show our support by contacting any State Senator, or Representative we hear is opposed to this bill, and tell them we want it passed. I understand there is no companion bill in the Senate yet. This could be our last chance to pass a law that protects our children’s children right to hunt.

Remember, we have 79 days till turkey season opens in Florida. We are on a countdown.

Welcome back to the Struttin’ Time family reunion.

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