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Rep. Combs is true friend to hunters

Well, we hunters fight a neverending battle. Our State Representative, Leslie Combs, gets a bill passed through the full House to protect our right to hunt in the Commonwealth for generations to come, and with a vote of 91 to 4, with 5 not voting, it was impressive. Only 4 anti-hunting Democrats from Jefferson and Fayette counties vote against us on this bill.

You would think with as much support that this bill has, the fight should be over. No so, along comes lower than whale dung Senate Leader Republican David Williams, and stops it in its tracks. He wants his bill, which is stacked so full of garbage it stinks from Frankfort to the Mississippi River. His way of killing the bill.

Williams is already running for Governor, and doesn’t want the House to get credit for something as good as our bill. He can’t do the right thing, always just do them and try to get votes.

Well, Mr. Williams, hunters vote, and how could any hunter vote for a person like you that is doing us and our sport harm?

He is the worst of the worst when it comes to helping anybody other that himself. We don’t care who wrote the bill as long as it gets passed, can’t you understand that, Mr. Williams.

Sorry Struttin’ Time readers, Mr. is a show of respect, and I have none for him.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife, the NRA, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen all support this bill. We need to contact Senator Williams to tell him to pass the bill as written in the House. His home telephone number is 270-433-7777, his work number is 270-864-5636, and his message hot line is 1-800-372-7181.

Thanks, Rep. Combs, for all your help. Also State Representative Rick Nelson has a bill pending that we need to defeat. It concerns killing our elk any place and anytime, even spotlighting. More about that later.

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