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Mostly sunny

Struttin’ Time

Life’s little disappointments

Life is always full of ups and downs. Right now I am down. I received a call just a few minutes ago, after I sit down to do this edition of Struttin’ Time, that my trip to South Dakota was canceled or postponed. Whichever is the case I couldn’t start my turkey season there on Monday as planned.

The Rosebud Sioux Indian Tribe where I was hunting called to tell me they were expecting a storm front to move in and all hunting has been suspended. What a bummer. Now the real fun starts. Getting my money back from my flight insurance should be a real trip in itself. There is no need to cry over things over which we have no control.

I will be heading for Florida on the 17th to hunt for Osceola turkeys, then on to Kansas and Nebraska. I don’t see any chance of me making it to South Dakota, because of my calendar. Oh well, things could get worse, but I don’t know how. Gas prices are going out the roof, weather is still winter-like, I lost one of my last best friends last week. Man, I’m really having a good week.

I spoke with my long time friend Rick Adams this week in Whitesburg. He is one of the growing list of friends who has asked me to not hunt in Mexico. I will make a decision within the next few days. They are concerned for my safety. Well if all doesn’t fall to pieces I will be writing from Florida next week.

I think I will go jump into the river. I couldn’t drown and feel any worse.

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