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Struttin’ Time

Now here’s a true story for you!

As I travel the highways and byways of this great country of ours, I am ever mindful of the people of Letcher County. They are in the seat next to me by way of Struttin’ Time, telephone calls, and of course Facebook.

I am amazed at the number of people who tell me they read Struttin’ Time each week. From my heart I want to thank each and everyone who takes time from their busy day to escape from the hard life into a world of fun and travel. I understand that some people who go along with me have never and probably never will be able to travel because of one reason or the other. I try to let your mind take the same picture that my mind takes as I travel — to let you see and do the things I am doing. Please forgive me if I fail, because I really try.

I am doing a story this week about the Florida youth turkey season sent to me by my friend and one of my outfitters in Lake City. I will be hunting with him on my return trip after hunting the first part of my trip with Mill Creek Turkey Outfitters in East Palatka, Fla. Their youth season opened March 12. My outfitter is Garrett Jones. He had several young people hunt on his plantation on opening day, and he chose to guide for a little eight-year-old girl whose name is Kim.

Kim, her father, Stoney, and Garrett had worked a flock all morning. At around noon, the old longbeard couldn’t stand it any longer and started coming in. The plan was to let the turkey get within 20 yards to get Kim the best possible shot. He had been hung up all morning at around 45 yards, but here he came. He was at 25 yards, 22 yards … just two more steps and all the waiting would be over for this young hunter. Just as the longbeard was about to take his final steps, Kim shouted, “Daddy tell it to wait, I’ve got to go really bad.” Longbeard, and Kim are both just fine.

I’ll be reporting from Florida for a couple of weeks, so hold the fort down for me.

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