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Struttin’ Time

Join me for a spring turkey hunt

Season’s first harvest.

Season’s first harvest.

You ready to take a trip and leave the cool weather behind? Get in my truck and let’s go to Florida.

We will be doing a three-part Struttin’ Time. First the journey.

I can’t help but notice how our way of life has changed, not in my opinion, always for the best. We are in the truck, and I hand you a Road Atlas. You look confused and ask, what is this? I tell you it is a map, so you can get us to where we are going. You look back at me and say, I don’t know how to read this. Don’t you have a GPS in your truck?

We are now pulling out of the driveway; it is the middle of the night. You ask, why are we leaving this time of the night? I reply, it is cooler driving and there isn’t much traffic this time of the night. I roll down my window and you say, that is too much noise, turn on your air.

As we start down a two-lane highway, we notice that there are no all-night service stations, so should we need gas, we will have to wait till daylight. Of course if we want something to drink, at each station we pass there will be a working pop cooler in front of the station. By the way, I topped off the tank yesterday as well as checked the air in the tires and checked the oil, along with cleaning the windshield.

It is getting daylight now, and just ahead is Mary’s Breakfast Diner. It is long gone, replaced with a big corporate restaurant. But we are taking this trip in the past tense, not the present. That will catch up with us later.

We go in to eat and Mary, the owner, remembers us from the last trip we were here. Two eggs over easy, sausage links, biscuits, honey, a bowl of grits, and black coffee. She checks back on us several times, our coffee cup never going empty. She grins, and says thanks for stopping by again, that will be a buck seventy-five.

We climb back into the truck and pull around to the front, where Mary’s husband greets us with a warm good morning, and a “fill ‘er up?”. He puts in the gas, checks the tires, and cleans the windshield. Total gas bill, plus the service, $3.

During this trip we sit and talk about how nice it is that we are able to get away and go hunting. No cell phones or radio to distract, just us in our Nation of Two. As we wind through each little town, we notice that every one has its own beauty.

We travel till the sun gets too hot, and we stop at the Stardust Motel, also long ago replaced by some big chain. You ask, why are we staying here? They don’t have air or a swimming pool. We check in and sit around talking to other travelers in the cool of the night.

In next week’s Struttin’ Time, we will be in present time and already in Florida. Won’t you please come with me?

By the way, if you are wondering how the hunt is going, just look at the picture my friend Ben Gish has printed with this story.

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