Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time

The elusive Eastern still awaits

My western adventure is now in my rear view. It was a mixed trip, and fun for the most part.

While traveling in Illinois I saw a sign that said, “road being patrolled by cameras.” I looked at my speed and was going 47 in what was posted 45. Not being one to speed, I don’t violate the law in the Commonwealth and I don’t visit others states and break their laws. I started to slow when all of a sudden the radar sign jumped to 63 as I was along beside it. You guessed it — a picture. I am not for sure if the picture was of me or the truck following behind me. This I am sure of: If I get a ticket in the mail, fix me a place in your local jail because I’m not paying. I’ll spend the fine in a jail cell.

If you ever want to live alone, move to Kansas or Nebraska. They haven’t changed much since the Wild West days. You can drive for miles and never see a human, or even another vehicle.

I had a good hunt and met lots of nice people. So as to not keep you wondering any longer, I came back with five turkeys. The smallest had a seven-inch beard with ¾-inch spurs. I killed a Merriam, two Rio’s and three hybrids. The hybrids I could have done without. We will talk more about the hunts in the weeks to come, as right now I am brain dead.

Again I want to thank the people of Letcher County for making my life bigger than a dream. Here it is April 27 and I have already hunted in four states and killed seven turkeys of three different sub-species. Now to get an Eastern.

My body and mind are tired, but my desire is as strong as ever. I hope you are having a good turkey season. Send your turkey stories to filo@suddenlink.net and I’ll try and get them in Struttin’ Time.

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