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Good turkey season here, elsewhere

I recently received one of the finest e-mails I’ve ever gotten. Lishia Isaac, granddaughter of a dear and lifelong friend of mine, Wid Fleming of McRoberts, is graduating from High School. I get several invitations from our children who graduate, but what makes this one so special is not only have they been friends for so long, but I was at one time Lishia’s mentor.

We went rabbit hunting one morning. It was so cold I thought she might get frostbite, but she never said a word. I have kept track of her during the years since then and have been so proud of her. Lishia not only has been an excellent student, but has played sports and excelled it that also. This is a true success story. I tip my hat to you Lishia Isaac. You have stayed the course, and made a better life for not only you, but others as well. Now it is on to college. Keep the true path in a world that has gone crazy. This is one graduation I will be attending.

I received a call from my outfitter in Mexico on May 2 cancelling my hunt there, so I didn’t need to make a decision. He said it was just too dangerous, that the “drug cartel” is pulling Americans off busses and killing them. I think it is a shame that people just can’t get along. I enjoyed my hunts this year and see in The Mountain Eagle where many of our friends in the county have had good seasons.

I heard from Will and Shelia Connelly. Will got two, and Shelia got one nice bird. “Pap” Raymond Brown got one, and he is always happy. Next year, if I’m able to hunt, I will be hunting local only with some of the gang from Letcher County. The old body just can’t go anymore.

Remember, the first Kids Day event will be on May 14 at Letcher Elementary School. It starts at 10 a.m., and everything is free. Hope to see you there.

I have closed my season this year with a Grand Slam and a total of eight turkeys. Not a bad season.

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