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Struttin’ Time: And we’re off to another year

We are starting our whatever year it is writing Struttin’ Time. The Mountain Eagle has run our hunting adventures for so long, some kids have grown into adults reading these stories.

We lost several good friends and readers during 2018, people who would tell me all the time about something they read in Struttin’ Time, and it would stick in their minds. We say goodbye to those, and assure their families, they will be missed.

Many things have happened since our last Struttin’ Time, in December. There are some things that every sportsman should be concerned about, and early on we will be trying to find you some answers. Like the audit of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, that didn’t go good, showing misuse of funds. Are we ever going to get rid of the “good ole boys” agenda, and find someone to run the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the way it should? We, in my opinion, need more oversight, but we will look into that later.

I got a disturbing call during our break, telling me that several of the black bear hunters in our area have been arrested because the Department of Fish and Wildlife said they had baited. I will get to the bottom of that story, then get back with you.

My lifelong friend, Raymond “Pap” Brown, called to tell me things that I will look into also. He is doing better, but is still having health problems.

Then I received many texts, e-mails, and some phone calls, wanting to know when Struttin’ Time would be back, and why I wasn’t doing them. Remember I only do them 48 weeks a year. I take off the month of December to be Santa for the children. I promise all the readers, and that means you Mrs. Nina Craft, ha ha, that we will once again have a fun-filled year.

Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride….

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