Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ Time: Seeing harvest moon was a treat

As the days seem to keep getting hotter as the month of September disappears, the hunting season heats up for sure.

Although I haven’t been into the woods yet, I have seen some good pictures of deer that hunters have taken. Seeing those pictures bring back the days of my youth, when it never got too hot, cold, windy, rainy, or miserable to look for my quarry.

Although those days and miles have long passed, the memories will last forever. Then again isn’t that what hunting about? Making and sharing peaceful, quiet times with friends, and yourself, then of course, with nature.

This week there has been a “harvest moon”, and I would dare to say everyone has looked into the night sky and wondered at this beauty of nature. Every time I look toward heaven, at the Harvest Moon, my heart and soul are at peace, not only with myself, but my God.

The harvest moon, seems as though you can reach out and caress it in your arms, and it will always give you the time to pause, knowing what the Native Americans always said and cherished. Yes, there is a “Great Spirit” who walks with us daily, and the harvest moon is a masterpiece.

I am sure the most closed-in person on a computer, locked away in some bedroom somewhere, always takes time to look at the harvest moon.

As I travel to Maine to black bear hunt in a few days, my life is much fuller and content, knowing that I took the time to look at one of God’s favorite pictures, the harvest moon. Wish us luck, as we journey once more into the unknown.

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