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Struttin’ Time: Things can’t stay the way they are, can they?

I don’t know if Ben Gish, The Mountain Eagle editor, or myself was more shocked to learn that many of our readers are not hunters or fisherman. I think of that often, and am glad we appeal to a cross-section of the people from our area.

I want to go into something this week that gives me pause and makes me wonder just what kind of world we are living in. Some staunch Struttin’ Time readers will remember a few years ago, we tried to hunt in Mexico to get our “Royal Slam” by hunting for the biggest wild turkey, the Gould. Because of the dangers at that time, the U.S. State Department issued a security alert that cancelled our travel.

Fast forward to this year, when we will once again try to hunt Mexico. The last time, our trip was paid for and everything was on the ready when we couldn’t go. It took me months to get my money back. Well, I hope for better results this time, although I am still doubtful it will happen.

What kind of world are we living in when we can’t drive a hundred miles across the border unless someone is trying to harm us? Actually, we are not even safe sitting in our own living room. Are we really safe anywhere?

I am reminded of the story just two months ago, where a whole family of Americans — three women and six children — were killed in an ambush, right on the same road I hope to be traveling in May. Already this month, a 13-year-old American child and was shot to death and three other family members were wounded in an attack south of Texas while on their way back to Oklahoma after vacationing in Mexico. It really took some courage, I am sure, for these criminals and cartel members to shoot those babies and their unarmed mothers. The victims in both attacks were killed by criminals armed with AK-47 and 50-caliber weapons.

Struttin’ Time readers, what is wrong? Do you feel safe to go anywhere or do anything? We must now go to church armed and our children have to go to school under police protection. We can’t even go to a concert without fearing someone might shoot us down. Thankfully I don’t still work a job every day and have to worry about being killed by someone there.

Am I the only person that sees we just can’t go on like we are? I am a hunter, a gun owner, a husband, a daddy, and a granddaddy, and like so many people today I don’t have a clue as to what the answer is. I probably own more guns than most, and unless someone is trying to cause harm to my family or me, I would never think of loading up and going and shooting anyone.

Again, what is wrong with our world? Are you happy with our world right now? Do you think we can stay status quo? I am having a hard time coping.

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