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Struttin’ Time: When a lost chick becomes a pet

Life is strange and in my world is getting stranger. I am well into my 70’s, and thought that maybe, just maybe, I had seen it all. Wrong.

Being born and raised in McRoberts, I have been around my share of feral animals. I have known dogs, cats and about any other animal that can get away from an owner and take up life in the wild. As a matter of fact, as of right now, we own two feral cats, one of which just showed up and the other we got as a rescue. They have been both spayed, wormed, given shots, and are protected with a chip. They are now inside cats.

But my question to all of you is, have you ever seen a feral chicken? About four months ago, a palm-sized chicken just showed up on our porch. Since it was around Eastertime, we figured someone had bought it for a child.

We spend about $20 a month on wild bird seed to help the beautiful songbirds make it through the winter, so I fed the little chick some of the feed, figuring the chick would be gone come daylight. Wrong. It was back shortly after daylight and we fed it again. This chicken is of worthless stock, being half big stock and half game stock — too tough to eat and not big enough to lay eggs of any size.

Well, we have watched her grow and she will let me pet on her. She will eat out of my hand, and anytime I do a project she is right beside me. Every morning she is outside our window wanting to be fed, and if she thinks we have taken too long to pay attention to her she goes and pecks on our back door.

Her having game stock in her makes her fearless, and she fought off a cat the other morning. She is now about four pounds and her name is Henny.

Isn’t life strange? Has anyone else ever heard of a feral chicken?

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