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Struttin’ Time: Yes, you can tie this music CD to hunting

Sitting here drinking a cup of black coffee and listening to one of my favorite Letcher County people, Carla Gover, sing her latest songs on her new CD. Listening, remembering, and maybe wishing things were as simple now as they were then.

Carla was one of the first kids I coached in Little League softball. Carla was the start of the Blue Jays, one of the team’s first players, and because of her and a few others, many young ladies enjoyed playing softball for many years.

Carla has moved on and become a success in life. As my mind leaves Carla and I look out my window at this beautiful day, it now goes to the years my friends and I enjoyed this time of year probably more than any. This is the time we would care for our beagles, make sure they were in safe pens with water, food, shade, and of course their shots just to hunt them for a short time.

I miss those days when friends would head over from Knott, Pike, and Floyd counties for a few hours of listening to our beagles run. If we were lucky we would get a shot at that little animal called a rabbit. Slowly but without fail we grew older and the morning came when the beagles fell silent, the hunting buddies left us one by one, and things changed.

Just like Carla and the rest of the Blue Jays growing up, just like the beagles falling silent and our friends leaving this journey, things have changed, but has it been for the better? I will leave that for you to answer. As for me, I am sitting here inside my house, drinking a pot of black coffee, listening to Carla Gover, missing my hunts, and wishing things could be as simple as going rabbit hunting with friends.

By the way, Carla’s new CD, with her band “Zoe Speaks”, is entitled Wings. It is great. It is available for downloading at Amazon.com. The physical CD, as well as an MP3 download, may be purchased by visiting zoespeaksmusic.com.

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