Whitesburg KY

Struttin’ time

It has been a long time. The years have flown by since my last story. I have been on the road hunting, and what an experience it has been. The worst part has been missing my old friends, and in some cases they have dropped from my life.

In one case I’ve lost contact with my friends, Dean and Nina Cornett, and they were my biggest fans. They sent me a DVD of moose in their yard; how cool can that be. I hope to go moose hunting soon.

My adventures include hunting in Montana, where I hunted mule deer, and Merriam turkeys; hunting black bear in Maine, what a beautiful state; hunting in Wyoming, I can’t understand why the Indians fought over that state; Idaho, where I hunted bighorn and came back with a nice prize.

I got an elk in New Mexico, where I got to hunt with Governor Bill Richardson, and I slept among the Cheyenne on their reservation in South Dakota. I have been to the top on the mountain and beyond.

I miss Raymond Brown; he is one of my favorite people. I have just returned from Florida — I was hunting turkey, didn’t get one though — to my new home in Frenchburg. I love it here. I’m seven miles from the National Forest.

I hope to return to my Letcher County soon, and hope to get to see ya’ll. What a journey is this thing called life. I will be writing some Struttin’ Time stories, so hang on.

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