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Stuart Robinson graduates hold reunion

THE GIRLS’ DORMITORY at Stuart Robinson School is pictured in1953.

THE GIRLS’ DORMITORY at Stuart Robinson School is pictured in1953.

Friday and Saturday, Aug. 6–7, we had a reunion of the former Stuart Robinson School (SRS) at Letcher. The school officially started at Blackey (on the hill above the Presbyterian Church) as Stuart Robinson College, on Feb. 10, 1914. It closed in mid-term 1957. It was then called ‘Letcher School,’ until the new school was finished in 1960. My mother was a cook there.

When I graduated in 1955, there were 19 teachers and 510 students in all 12 grades. Our reunions are for all students who went to school at SRS.

We have scattered all over the U.S. One student, Muncie Fields, and his wife drove all the way from Kennewick, Wash.

We’ve had various jobs and all I talked to have done well and have had a good life. Many of the graduates were teachers, and some are now retired from teaching here and in other states.

In my class alone, there were 16 teachers or almost 35 percent of the class. One from our class is UK Professor and Kentucky Poet Laureate Gurney Norman.

Another well-known member is Elwood Cornett. Many of our classmates have passed on, and someday we will have a grand reunion in the sky.

A terrific windstorm came through the campus on Thursday afternoon and the electricity was off for 27 hours. It came back on just in time for our catered dinner in the cafeteria. Then everyone had a good time bidding on donated items at the Alumni Association auction.

My class always meets for breakfast every reunion at the Parkway Restaurant. Other classes get together at various places in the county for breakfast and/or supper.

We visited with each other and talked over old times until a business meeting in the auditorium at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Afterward, cars and trucks started slowly driving off the campus, everyone waving as they left. There were promises to meet again, and to “call me.”

But the reunion didn’t end there. There were a few of us staying in the boys’ dorm on the campus. Some students came back and started a Rook game in the foyer that lasted into Saturday night.

Sunday, several former students went to the Presbyterian Church in Blackey. They always have a potluck lunch for us, which we appreciate very much.

The reunion is over and the memories remain. We’re looking forward to the next one in 2012. But, it’s a statistical fact that some of us who attended this one won’t be around to attend the next one.

I enjoyed it, and I hope you did too. A special ‘thank you’ goes out to the Alumni Association.

“See you around the campus.”

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