Whitesburg KY

Student mentors sought

The Letcher County School District is looking for college and/or career mentors for students in eighth through 10th grade.

“We are really excited in Letcher County, to be part of Kentucky’s ‘Operation Preparation.’ The commissioner of education has charged every district in Kentucky, to get college and career mentors to come and talk with our students,” said Superintendent of Letcher County Schools Anna Craft.

Through the Operation Preparation program, community volunteers are hoping to make a difference in the life of a student. During this mentoring session, the mentor will spend an average of 20 minutes discussing the student’s test scores, goal setting, and college and career options.

Students will be paired with volunteer mentors based on career interests. All volunteer mentors will be required to take an online volunteer training course that will take 30 minutes to complete. This training session is provided by the Kentucky Department of Education.

After the meetings, each child will take a letter home to his or her parents, advising them to check their child’s individual learning plan online. Kentucky has an individual learning plan for each child in public school starting in sixth grade.

“If you ever wanted to make a difference in the life of a child, here’s your chance,” said school offi- cials. “This is an opportunity to invest in the future through mentoring and coaching the students of today simply by sharing information on your career.”

Contact Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lesia Whitaker at lesia. whitaker@ letcher. kyschools.usfor more information.

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